Exiting CIS

Topic is a little hazy, I know. Ok, I am running CIS on Win Xp Sp3. in the bottom right of the desktop is a Comodo Icon. If it is right clicked a dialog box comes up. One of hte options is EXIT. Now I accidentally exited the program while connected to the internet. The question is: when you EXIT the program does that cease all protection? I ask because while exited I checked the xp security center and it says I am still firewalled and protected by the anti virus. Also what is the function of the exit command if the firewall and av is still running while exited?

When you select EXIT, you are just closing the GUI. CIS is still fully active. To re-open, just click the link in your Comodo Startup Menu. To disable the A/V or Firewall, you need to select Disable from the tray menu.