Hello to all, I`ve recently switched over to Comodo after being with ZA for years but their bloatware got me down.
So far quite pleased with although still getting used to the various settings…

Win Xp Pro NTL Cable…

I have been trying to install BBC Iplayer from my admin account. I spent a few days trying to do this as it constantly failed to fully install, reading 22 pages of BBC helpfiles joining their message board etc.

I exited Comodo to try and install with no joy. Later today I decided that even though I thought Comodo was switched OFF (Exited) I defined the files as trusted and Bobs your uncle it worked.

This seems to indicate Comodo is still running at some level in the background even though exited using the tray icon. Is the true?

Thanks in advance

Like most security programs Comodo uses 2 processes. cpf.exe and cmdagent.exe. When you exit Comodo via the taskbar all that does is close out cpf.exe. Closing out cmdagent.exe you cannot do because thats the protection built in. If you could kill cmdagent then so could malware. When your installing anything you need to put Comodo into install mode. I do this by opening up Comodo and click “switch to install mode” on the bottom. Please read all the sticky notes also under important topics. Especially this one.


Vettetech, thanks for the reply, I just found the cmdagent in task manager, and I take on board what you say.

I learn by my mistakes…

Its not a mistake by any means. Its called learning. I self taught everything I know about Comodo just being playing with different settings. Anything else you need?

As you say, a learning curve…

I have been using the install mode for installing other progs.

For some reason no alerts were coming up about Kservice trying to install and KHost (Khost installed Ok but not Kservice)… It might be why that this Kontiki stuff is not very highly regarded…

Should I always get an alert if something is trying to install?

If you put Comodo into install mode then it is assuming that you are trusting what you are installing. Hence no alerts.

If you are installing something that you permitted (Did) Install, You should get a pop up asking to “Switch to installation Mode”, Hence you will get zero pop ups during installation or uninstalling software.