Existing certificate not picked up


In April 2009, I had applied and received Comodo Secure Email Certificate for my email id.
I had manually downloaded and installed the same.
I was using MS Outlook 2003 (WinXP SP2) to digitally sign my outgoing mails which was working fine.

Now, few days back, I have installed Comodo Secure Email
The Certificates sections displays my existing valid certificate for my email id.
I have disabled the digital signing of emails in Outlook.
ComodoSE has Security Level set to Medium.

But when I send my mail, a message is displayed stating “certificate not found for email id, do you want to send email unsigned?”

How do I get ComodoSE to recognize my valid email certificate?

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After enquiring I found about that recipients are getting my signed emails.

It seems that though the “send unsigned” message is displayed, actually messages are being signed.
Also, the red ribbon of certificate is not being displayed on the sent email.

Another issue noticed -
After the initial send/receive, if you do send/receive for second time, though there are no mails to send, the same “can not locate certificate, send unsigned?” message is repeated more than once.
Third time onwards, this message does not appear.

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Hi, Radhx

We are looking into this issue now.

link=topic=45042.msg325328#msg325328 date=1252548716]
I have disabled the digital signing of emails in Outlook.
ComodoSE has Security Level set to Medium.
On Medium Level Comodo SecureEmail should try to sign all outgoing e-mails.

I have next possible reasons of your problems for now:

  1. Probably you’re sending e-mails from the different e-mail ID that you have certificates for.
  2. It seems that some software on your PC is sending e-mails from another e-mail address - in this case it is OK that CSE signs e-mails that you’re sending and shows error when detects other e-mails.

Can you provide a list of e-mail related software on your PC, please?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Eugene

Hi Eugene,

OS on my laptop is WinXP Pro SP2.
I am using Outlook 2003 for my emails.
I have separate comodo email certificates for my 2 email ids.

I have Comodo Firewall as well as AVG Antivirus installed.
AVG Antivirus intercepts incoming/outgoing (ports 110 and 25 resp.) emails to tag them with virus-check info.



Even if I set security level to OFF, and unmark ComodoSE Add-on in Outlook options, the ComodoSE progress popups for processing mail keep appearing on the screen.

Also, when ComodoSE security level is set Medium, and “don’t show progress pop-up info” checkbox in general settings is marked, these popups keep on appearing.