Executables Scope

Does D+ prevent any type of executable from loading onto my system, or are script based executables (for eg. a javascript browser exploit) out of it’s scope?

Is a javascript based browser exploit different from a javascript file itself?

If D+ doesn’t directly prevent script based browser exploits, is there an other way - through D+ - to prevent it?

The script will be subject to the defence+ rules of the program that runs the script. This will be the browser for javascript.

If the javascript tries to write to a area protected by D+ will I be alerted of the browser attempting to do so? Is it, in any way, possible for the javascript - similar to a rootkit - to hide it’s attempt?

You will get a pop-up for the browser. Javascript should be limited in what in can do and cannot use rootkit like methods by itself.

Thanks. I feel much safer now.