executable with signature shown in explorer not valid¿

Using Windows Explorer or viewing this example file’s attributes, see screenshots “signed executable GN Acc expl.jpg” and “signed executable GN Acc expl’s prop.jpg”, I get shown a digital signature.

So I go to Defense+ ‘My Trusted Software Vendors’ and when selecting this file I get an error the file has no valid signature, see screenshot “signed executable GN Acc cis.JPG”… confusing¿?

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There is no digital signatures on your screen-shots.
To ensure that your file has a digital signature and it is valid perform following:

  1. Ensure there is ‘‘Digital signature’’ tab in files property
  2. If it’s there - go to it, select the certificate and click Details button
  3. On general tab of opened dialog click View certificate button
  4. Go to Certification path tab
  5. Select the lowest certificate in the tree and look at Certificate status below

See attached scren-shot for more explanation

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Just compared the properties tabs of a digital signed file from the My Trusted Software Vendors list and this executable I mentioned here. Aha, the Digital Signature Tab not present.

I thought the information viewable in a browser’s colums is signature info but it’s just ‘product’/file info. Different then having a digital signature.

Thanks for clearing that up.