.exe files from other browsers are not executable when I have both CIS and CD

I have a strange problem. I have windows 7 64bit. CIS 5.9 and CD 16.1 installed. I also have chromium open source browser. If I download some .exe files on chromium they are not executable whereas I could execute them if i download it using CD. I uninstalled CD and then downloaded CD using chromium then again it is not executable. i think the problem is not with CD then it should be with CIS.
This way CIS allow my .exe files only if it is downloaded by CD not by other browsers. Is CIS/Comodo trying to force me to use only CD??

Absolutely not.

I don’t know what may be going on with your system, but if CIS was blocking an .exe, it would do it regardless of which browser downloaded it. CIS has no way of knowing which browser downloaded any given file.

Thanks for the reply.
I am not sure what happens here. I had to download CD from IE to reinstall it again. Although I use only CD for all my browsing just wanted to make sure that I also have chromium on the sides fully functional.
Chromium (chrome.exe) was listed as safe file even if I add this to safe file list.
Just found this. Defense+ events listing only chrome.exe actions. Nothing else on this list. Do I need to change anything now? Why is this listed by defense+ events if chrome.exe is a safe file.
Please let me know if I am missing anything here.
thanks in advance

What are the events listed?

the Defense+Event flags the following actions from chrome.exe.
Access COM Interface
Terminate process
Install Hook
DNS/RPC Client Access
Access Memory
If I right clik and add these to safe file it states chrome.exe is a safe file.
My Chrome.exe is in appdata\local\chromium\application folder.
do i need to move this to some where else?

Just found this.
Chrome.exe is a safe file. I said that to CIS now it says it as a safe file.
But I found that chrome.exe is listed in the submitted files list under Unrecognized files within CIS.
I think this is why whatever .exe files I download from chromium is not executable.
This was submitted to Comodo as per CIS on 12/23/2011. This was not whitelisted yet by Comodo.
Please let me know how to solve this or when will this be moved out of unrecognized files list.
Thanks a lot.

Where did you download Chromium from?

I just downloaded and installed the latest version using the link found on Download Chromium - The Chromium Projects, and I’m not having chrome.exe considered unrecognized.

It’s sounding a bit like your download may have been tampered with. Have you tried scanning chrome.exe with any other malware scanners, or submitted it to Valkyrie or VirusTotal?

Thanks a lot.
I have also downloaded chromium from the same place.
I have downloaded mini_installer.exe and installed. there is no option for installing it to program folder. It got installed into app data.
Everytime I download the latest version and install i select this as a trusted file for CIS.


I downloaded the chrome-win32.zip.

I don’t know what difference is between this and the mini_installer.exe is.

Thanks again.
I had chromium, CD and CIS in another computer. Everything works fine with all browsers. I can execute .exe files I download from internet using chromium. Its the same mini installer.exe, installed in the same folder (applications). Only difference is chromium is not listed in unrecognized files with CIS.
Only in the system where the .exe files downloaded from chromium are not working, chromium is in the unrecognized files list in defense+events.
I think .zip also the same thing but it is more like a portable browser. Its not installed rather it can be carried around in an usb. Also this is bigger (~31 mb) where as mini installer is only 18 mb.

How do I make this process faster for chrome.exe to be removed from unrecognized files? Why it is listed there even I listed as safe file and CIS also states it as safe file? Is there a way i can make an .exe file not listed as unrecognized file if I know the file is safe?
Thanks a lot

I don’t know why the file is listed there. As I said, I can’t reproduce the issue. It could be that the download has been modified. (You never mentioned whether or not you’ve scanned the file or submitted to a file scanning service as I suggested)

Have you tried moving the file to the trusted files list? (Only do this if you’re sure it’s safe)

Go to Defense+ → Unrecognized Files, select chrome.exe and select Move to → Trusted Files.

Thanks again for your help with this issue.
As I mentioned before it is in the submitted files list under defense+events and not directly under unrecognized files. Where was this submitted from CIS? I am not able to do any action on this file. I think since it is submitted it has to be removed from there by Comodo. Let me know if there is a way i can do it myself.


Ah, OK. If the file is listed under submitted, but not on the actual unrecognized files list, this means a lookup has been done and the file was automatically trusted.

If the analysis was still pending, the application would still appear in the unrecognized list.

OK. Thanks then.
I would think once it is approved or found nothing wrong with the file I assume it should be removed from there. It looks like it will stay there as submitted file.
Then the case is closed.
I am going to uninstall CIS, Chromium. Then reinstall chromium and then reinstall CIS and going to see what happens.
Thanks for all your suggestions.

Thanks for all you help.
Finally I solved the issue. As I suspected it is something to do with chrome.exe listed as submitted files under unrecognized file. It stays there permanently. As i assume it should be removed if it is cleared as a safe file. I am even not sure why at first place it went there as I state this as a safe file to CIS everytime. I have been using the same link and even you have mentioned the link to download the chromium browser. Because of this (chrome.exe) being listed as submitted file under unrecognized file all the actions by chrome.exe being listed in defense+ events. Starting from opening the browser to closing the browser is being listed.
I uninstalled both CIS and chromium. Then installed the chromium browser first. Then reinstalled CIS. Now whatever I download using chrome.exe is executable now. Also chrome.exe now NOT listed under unrecognized file within submitted file. Now no actions from chrome.exe is not listed within defense+ events. Now I think CIS understands chrome.exe is a safe file.
FYI, I am using XP service pack 3. chrome.exe (mini installer) is installed under application data directory as default place. I am also using CD and chromium as my browsers.
I dont know why I have do this way to make chromium fully functional. If I do not do this chrome.exe is always listed and all the .exe files downloaded from chromium is not installable. It always stays as interrupted after download.
Thanks for your help.

I’m also using Win XP SP3, and didn’t experience this problem.

As I said previously, it doesn’t matter if an application is listed in the submitted files window of the unrecognized files list. All this means is that it was submitted to the cloud. Since it was no longer on the unrecognized list, this means the cloud verdict was that the file was safe. Safe files are automatically moved to the trusted files list.