.exe block problem.. again.. Version..507... Vista 64Bit

Hello… I guess many has this same problems what i do…

I have a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit in my computer and i have been installing and uninstalling this comodo version all day long

This is what i have done to get this point… i had RC2 (works like a charm with every soft) -->some time → installed malmwarebytes → reboot in the mornin after bytes scan → everything stopped workin, nod32 didnt load or any exe didnt load… → update cis → same problem → whole day installing and uninstalling different versions of comodo cis and nod32 and malmwarebytes…

Security softs i m usin…

AD-Aware 7.1
NOD32 V.4
Spybot S&D
CIS Firewall 3.9.76924.507

SO Does this version has this AD AWARE/Spy Sweeper etc BUG AGAIN ?

Where i can get RC2… Atleast that version worked… :-\

Did you try restoring from quarantine what Malwarebytes removed? You forgot to exclude Ad Aware during testing. Please uninstall it and see if that helps.

Try 3.9.x.y.509: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/comodo_internet_security_3995478509_released-t39202.0.html .