【Excuse Me,Who Can Answer My Question About CTM???】

My OS is WinXP traditional Chinese
i know this software have two language(english and simple chinese)
i choose simple chinese to install then display normal even my os is traditional chinese
then i take a snapshot with traditional chinese word,
view snapshops also display normal ;D
buy when i reboot to dos and press Home Key to enter the CTM
i see my snapshot name cant display normal
but the software interface display is ok(simple chinese)
maybe the CTM writted by unicode
but the software interface in dos is not(i guess)
sorry,my english is pool
i dont know if somebody can understand my expression
if anybody knows
please help me to solve my question

i upload my picture to show my question

So far, CTM doesn’t support Traditional Chinese.
I suggest you choose English. :stuck_out_tongue:

even i install with english version
still display abnormal
you mean take a snapshot with english language??

All in English untill CTM supports Traditional Chinese. :wink:

ha ha ha
do you know when will support traditional chinese ;D

Sorry, I have no idea. But we will consider to implement this in future versions.
Thanks for your support.

Best regards.