Exclusive Interview with Comodo's CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu

Hello all!!

I have published an interesting interview with Comodo’s CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu offered exclusively for FaraVirusi.com romanian blog.

It is in english also: http://www.faravirusi.com/2009/10/22/exclusive-interview-with-comodos-ceo-melih-abdulhayoglu/

Thanks Melih again for it! :slight_smile:


Yes, very interesting :slight_smile:

Comodo Dragon ??? and security products for Linux :-TU.


Something you guys have been asking for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Start guessing, I think I know what it is :slight_smile:


I’ve no idea ???. Give me a clue :wink: (or a screenshot ;D ).


What is one of THE most requested software of Comodo.


Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t browse the forums enough :-[. Having a guess though… a browser.


Stop teasing the crowd my dear colleague…:smiley:

Nice interview by the way…(:NRD)

It’s a toaster that senses well done toast (no more burning) isn’t it?

Yes its a Comodo Dragon Toaster, what great toast it makes… ;D

It’s an egg shaker.

What’s an egg shaker? Someone who works in IVF?

You need more than a shaker to make an omelette.

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all this talk about egg’s and toasts has made me hungry

Anyway back to topic guys.

Nice risposte Jose! Anyway perhaps a browser?

Comodo Dragon is a product that has been requested a lot of times here on the forums… hmmm… let me think, what could that be? hmmm… :THNK …

  • we wanted something with virtualization, we have that now…
  • we wanted something like bitlocker, we have it now
  • we wanted something like PSI, we had it, but I bet it will return
  • we wanted something like advanced system care and tune up utilities, we have it now

What new product involving security could comodo dragon be that would be of interest of especially consumers…

We used to had a product that saves your credentials, passwords and productkeys, it was integrated in launchpad… it was said it would come back someday… and that could be comodo dragon, but the name of this product is just to promising to be the name of a relative simple software product like Keepass password safe… hmmmm… :THNK what ever it is, it is coming… (:WIN)

Thank you Pykko.



Sorry, just like playing like a fox ;D 88)


Are you serious ???

If I would interview Melih I would ask him about :

  • His issues with ex Mod Ed aka Sded.

  • His issues with ex employee Kevin.

  • His issues concerning Online-Armor and TMPCS.

That would have been more interesting !

Greetz, Red.