Exclusion list not working

I just installed Comodo CAV and it’s blocking my online cloud storage service called Mega. So I added the folder to the Exclusion list and then I added the Mega.exe running process to the Exclusion list and Comodo still blocks it. Comodo reports Mega as an Unrecognized File, so I go in and move it to safe list and then Comodo was Sandboxing Mega but when I moved Mega to safe list, it left the Sandbox but Comodo is still blocking Mega.

Problem happens to both my laptop and desktop computers running Windows 8.1

How do I tell Comodo to not block Mega?

Define blocking. Is the connection being blocked? If so then you need the ports it uses for the firewall. Are you getting access violations of some kind? If so it probably a Defense+ issue.

Apparently Comodo CAV didn’t install correctly so I uninstalled it and that part messed up has it got stuck in a loop and I had to do a system restore. I reinstalled Comodo and then allow Comodo tech support to remote access my computer and they said Mega has now been added to the trusted list and now its not being blocked.

But yes it was the Defense+ blocking it.

So both computers are working fine with Comodo and Mega.