Exclusion list in Defence+


I was just thinking about some security programms (for example SpySweeper, Superantispyware…) that are not compatible with the CIS 3.8. And it occured to me, what do you say to exclusion list (or something like this), that when we observe some incompatibility, we just put it here and everything continues working… (something similar that is in NOD32). What is your opinion? Thank you.

The incompatibility is usually because two programs are doing the same or similar job and get in one another’s way. Exclusion would not help. This can be excluded from defence+ by adding allow rules. This helps some problems but not normally security software incompatibility. The problem is likely to be the two programs are trying to check a third program at the same time.

Ok, I understand. But I was also thinking about another issues. For example I am using NOD32 antvirus and I installed program Burnaware. I observed that everytime I want to run this program NOD32 used too much CPU. So I added Burnaware to the exclusion list and Eset do not use too much CPU any more (for this program). Maybe in my previous post I used bad example :slight_smile:

Exclusion dorm the antivirus does not work very well. The excluded items are still scanned but not reported.

Exclusion if buffer overflow checking can help and does work. This is under defence+ image execution control settings. This is worth a try if you have problems.

Exclusion from defence+ can only be done by adding rules that allow everything to a particular application.

Adding the program to your safe files list and giving it a “trusted application” policy should (in theory) tell CIS to leave it alone.

Hello gyus,

thank you for your reply. I started this topic because latest SpySweeper is incompatible with CIS v. 3.8, so I thought this could help. Your method can normally work, I tried it with SpySweeper with no success. For more info see this:


But thank you very much.