Excludsions, synchronization... Really? Not the same thing.

I have a folder that is meant to be synchronize across snap shots, My download folder.

I “went back” in time yesterday, I found a little window come up “Copying Files…”
It was from the download folder, It was copying files from the latest snap shot to the one I am now using.

WTF? What a big waste of time that was. I had to synchronize something like 70gb when in the time of using CTM I only added or modified maybe 500mb MAx.

What I don’t understand is that I thought that this was a realtime thing across snap shots. I guess not, CTM needs to work on the tech in that aspect I beleive. ATLEAST only synchronize the changes from the previous to the current snap shot, not the whole thing.

Similar was in the wishlist some time ago: one, two (next post after 1).

Hi Kyle,

If you want to synchronize data and It is a big amount of data(such as 70GB). You can let CTM does not protect that partition when you install CTM. and then when you restore system it will not waste of your time to synchronize data.