Excluding One Network Adapter From FW


I have a machine with two network adapters, let’s say A and B. I’m using Comodo FW only.
A is connects to the Internet via a router.
B is connected to a switch: Static IP and NO gateway, therefore no possible Internet connection.

I’d like to shield B from ANY interference by the FW, i.o.w. exclude ALL traffic from/to B from FW inspection.

Is it possible, and how?


The only way CIS has to deal with this is via network zones, but they will only go so far. Assuming you’re using different subnet IDs for each or your adapters, you should have two network zones, one for each ID. How are you using the adapters to route data?

Indeed, I have.

A uses the router and B uses netBIOS names.
There is no need for local routing as such and connections are NOT bridged.

My problem is that I do not want any interference on B traffic from the FW to slow it. If none is too much to ask Comodo FW for, I’d settle for minimal.


I think you could untick the ‘Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver’ from the Network Adapters properties.
That should CIS stop from filtering on that interface.

Looks like a good idea. I’ll try that tomorrow.TY.

I’m sorry to report that doesn’t work. It is as ineffective as disabling the firewall.

I think you cannot untick it from individual adapter i.e unticking it from any individual adapter unticks it from all.

If I remember correctly once I have tried this on XP & got a message that disabling will be global i.e will affect all adapters.

I dont know if its the same for Win 7 & etc…