Excluding folders from partition backup.. again

Hello. Currently, it is not possible to exclude folders or files from full partition backups. This is a severe drawback for many of us. A full partition backup could be significantly diminished in size by excluding certain large folders, for example, installation folders of software, that can easily be re-installed.

This is one of the items on the current wishlist, and Emanuel Sescu of comodo staff, responding to a post, has said that it will be included in the future. I sure hope so.

But, meanwhile, I wonder what could be done to accomplish those exclusions. Let’s say that I create a backup that includes the “track 0 and master boot record” of my system, and create another custom “files and directories” backup that saves the entire file and folder structure of my system drive (excluding the folders that I wish to exclude).

The question is: will restoring from those 2 backups result in a functioning system and windows enviroment? I hope that I put this question correctly. Thank you.