Excluding files by extension (namely PDFs)


I have a program (Calibre ebook manager) that I use to open PDF files from a “removable” device.
Although the program is flagged as trusted in all settings in Comodo, it “executes” PDFs as a way to open PDFs in the default external viewer (Acrobat reader in my case).

The problem is that COMODO is constantly “sandbox”-ing the PDFs (since they are on a “removable” device). If I disable the sandbox option, COMODO is showing other warnings (since I use Defence+ safe mode). This is annoying!!!

How can I define that a folder (and all subfolders) should be exempted from Defence+ or exempt PDFs from Defence+?

Or is there some other alternative? ie. tricking Defence+ in see a certain disk as a “removable media”?

Thanks in advance.


p.s. Comodo CIS in 5.9.221665.2197

Removable drives are considered untrusted by default. This being the case, there is currently no way to exclude any files stored externally.

You could always copy the .pdf’s to your local drive and open them from there.

The option to copy my files to a HDD is currently not possible.

Is there a possibility to exclude a disk or folder from CIS defense?

Or exclude a custom group of files?

As I said, external media is always considered untrusted. So exclusions will not work in regards to removable devices.