Excluding drives, files and folders


First of all: great software and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

The only problem I have is with antivirus exclusions

I use Wuala on my computer, which is a P2P based backup solution. You can use the software directly or as a network drive (W:) to backup your files.
When Wuala is uploading files it creates lots of small files in a temp folder for upload into the P2P system.

So I added this folder and also W: to the exclusions list but I didn’t notice any difference in speed. But when I close CIS Wuala is very fast as it should be. So there is something wrong with the exclusions. It seems that CIS is still scanning everything and because Wuala creates many small files this results in speed decrease and timeouts (e.g. when using backup software with drive W:)

Please help!

I reread the Help file to be sure excluded files would be also excluded by the on access scanner. They are excluded:

[quote]All items listed and all items added to the ‘Exclusions’ list will be excluded from all future scans of all types.


I have three things I want you to try for now to see what is causing the slow downs.
What happens when you disable the AV on access scanner when the back up program runs
What happens when you disable the Firewall temporarily.
What happens when you disable D+ permanently? Go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings → untick “Deactivate the defense + permanently (requires a reboot)” reboot when asked.