Excluding directories from real-time scanning.

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Currently having an issue with real-time scanning slowing database access to a crawl. We’ve got the database clients on XP machines and the actual data files on a network share. Opening or switching between the various tables is incredibly slow when real-time scanning is active and super fast when real-time scanning is disabled. I have tried adding both \servername* as well as H:* (the mapped drive) to the AV exclude list but this has had no noticeable effect. Is there a way to tell the real-time scanner to ignore certain drives/shares?


Exclusions work for the all AV modes I think. I have no experience working with networked stuff and CIS. I would have tried both ways you tried. May be you found a but here.

On a side note. The upcoming 3.9 has stateful inspection on AV. As of writing now they just released another beta for 3.9: https://forums.comodo.com/beta_corner_cis/comodo_internet_security_3974199494_beta_released-t38039.0.html .

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Ignore, yes. The AV currently still scans anything marked as exclude, but ignores anything found.
This is a known issue.

I just purchased Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 and I am having the same issue. I added the exclusions in the form of a UNC path as-well-as the mapped drives in exclusions in the forms for //UNCPATH/* and S:* and the antivirus still comes up with an alert. I know this topic is old, but I would have assumed this had been fixed by now. I moved from to Comodo from AVG which did exclude via network paths. Any help on this would be appreciated.