Excluding applications from ALL Comodo functions?

Comodo Free Firewall / Windows 7 x64

I know this has been asked before and there are threads and guides and I’ve looked through many of them and all the info, at least to my addled mind, is confusing, inapplicable, or ineffective. So I ask the Hive Mind’s indulgence for my question:

Is there a way to exclude an application – in this case my third-party AV – from any and all Comodo Free scans/functions/interference? to bypass Comodo firewall and HIPS protections completely? or is that a paid version only option?

I’ve worked with setting Trusted Vendors and choosing File Ratings and Unblocking Applications and Treating As either “Allowed” or “Windows System” and none of it seems to take, once and for all. If it’s possible to have Comodo completely ignore an application, I would appreciate the steps, or link to them, because they’ve eluded me so far.

THX :o

Have you tried adding the application to the trusted files list in the file rating settings? This should exclude it from CIS. What part of CIS is blocking your application?


Have you tried the Unblock Applications feature?

As noted I’ve tried everything I can find on my own. I’m trying to exclude Avast AV from Comodo because, in part at least, some very frequent Avast updates are always being intercepted – IIRC it’s the firewall catching the outbound connections – probably caused by the fact that these updates all bear unique filenames and Comodo treats each one as a new event. I’ve tried to find a way to exclude Avast and any/all sub-processes but can’t figure it out. In contrast, it’s easy to set Avast to ignore Comodo in full by adding the exception C:\Program Files\COMODO* to the handy-dandy Global Exclusions setting.

If there is a simple global exclusion method within Comodo Free I just can’t find it. Humbug.