I have recently installed v.4.25 and I have done some file exclusions to help avoid conflict between my current anti-malware and BOClean as well as AutoHotKey. I had occaision to return to the excluder and I don’t see any of the previous entries. Are they excluded? Is there somewhere else to look to see what is on the exclude list? I have reason to think that BOClean may be interfering with some of my AHK scripts, so I want to verify that it is on the exclude list.

You should see them in the Excluder screen. Have you tried adding them again?


Well, I did try re-adding them immediately after I noticed that they weren’t there - then I closed the Excluder window and reopened it and again found nothing. I used the Exit entry on the menu since there is no “Save” option. I seem to have a problem.

I agree (that there’s a problem…). Here’s my suggestion at this point. Reboot into Safe Mode and uninstall BOC by going to Start/All Programs/Comodo/Comodo BOClean/Uninstall…

Then reboot into SafeMode again, and reinstall BOC from your downloaded setup file. Then reboot normally, get your updates, configure BOC as you want it, add your Exclusions, and so on.

I know it’s a bit of a pain to go thru the uninstall stuff, but that way (in SafeMode) we make sure there are no other conflicting applications or services running while you’re trying to get it into the computer. That helps a lot of the time.


I’ll try the routine that you suggest. I did uninstall BOClean and then boot to safe mode and re-install it, but I did not configure it there, and I did not uninstall it in safe mode. I’ll be away this weekend, so it will have to happen next week. I’ll let you know the results.

I found what could be called a “weird” behavior while using BOClean 4.25 Program Excluder. It doesn’t work as advertised. That’s what I found:

  • I include several applications in Excluder pane. I can see their icons their stating they were accepted;
  • One (or more) applications are updated to newer version, which makes BOClean pops up a warning about “this and that application changed, etc.”;
  • Just as an example, let’s say I need to exclude the third application in my Excluder’s list. I click on it to select, then I click the Exclude button, and then I confirm the exclusion. BOClean says it was removed. It didn’t!
  • BOClean Excluder always removes the LAST application in Excluder list, no matter which one you select, exclude and confirm, so;
  • You’ll have to exclude as much applications (and then re-include them) until desired ones sits in the bottom of list.

Can you confirme this behavior? >:(

I had something similar happen, efgerman, right before the last version change. It kept creating duplicate icons, and not taking them out. Right after that the version upgraded and I didn’t have the problem after uninstalling the old and installing the new.


I’m using v4.2.5.1 which I think is the last version. Do you think uninstalling and re-installing it would do any good?

It’s worth a shot; easy enough to do, doesn’t take very long.

I’d suggest doing it in SafeMode, though, just to make sure there aren’t any conflicts. Reboot in between uninstall/reinstall.


OK, I’ll try your way. If anything new comes out I’ll report here. Thanks.

I’m a little late, but I thought that I would confirm that uninstalling in safe mode and then re-booting and re-installing, also in safe mode and then applying the exclusions in safe mode Worked :BNC I also stopped my spyware scanners and shut down all AV services as well, since my wireless internet connection was not available in safe mode. Obviously, something that watches my system was not going to allow the kind of suspicious behaviour that excluder was trying!

Thanks for the update! Glad that worked for you. Sometimes, we can only hope, and take a shot in the dark…