Excluded Rule Still Blocking Access - ID: 220030

We’ve come across an unsual issue with the latest version of CWAF 1.13 / Plugin Ver. 1.7
After disabling a rule which causes problems with WordPress (Rule ID: 220030), we still get the same rule blocking access to the sites - any ideas?
Rule was disabled using the CWAF interface, and we’ve confirmed that the rule is in the whitelist.conf file too.

Thanks for your feedback!
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Have opened a ticket - Ticket ID: LTD-667-47382

I too suffer from this problem, have the rule disabled and its still interfering
Rule ID: 220030

How did you disable this rule?

Is it on Litespeed or Apache?
We have a similar problem on Litespeed.

Any domain we disable from CWAF is still triggered. We need to disable the rule on the whole server.