Excluded file(s) AntiVirus, CIS ver.5

Hello all,

As i was refused to be provided w/ information via live support and it has been a week since I submitted my concern as a free Comodo user and have received no reply, I am posting it here.

I have 2 files in the list of “Excluded” files for virus scan. However, the program scans them and ultimately reports them as virus even though they have been excluded. They are both .exe files and I am confident they are both OK but Comodo refuses to exclude them from scan.

Any idea why this is and how to address it?

I thank you in advance

Hmmm… Excluding should ensure that they aren’t scanned. What version of CIS are you using?

Have you tried adding these applications to your trusted files list?

I am no expert but which files are we talking about.

If a safe file is modified by a malware comodo will see the modified file as malware (I assume at least).

A person got a cracked windows installled on his machine and wondered why comodo found taskmanager.exe as malware.

If it happens to be a false positive send to comodo and they will add it to the database of the AV.

I hope this useful info.


HeffeD, Valentinchen thanks for the reply.

HeffeD, Files are not included in “Trusted Files” as I only concentrated on AV excluded list. I will try your suggestion to see what happens.

The version of CIS is 5.0.163652.1142, Virus Database ver 6507. I believe All is up to date

Valentinchen, the files are executable slide shows compiled with “Proshow” and have been around for a year or so with no report of infection using previous scanners (Avast, AVG, Panda,…) and as they are slide shows and not applicable to general public, no reason to submit as false report and take valuable time away from the experts.

Not a problem but just curious why they are NOT excluded as instructed.


My recommendation is that you submit them to comodo; comodo will put those files to the white lists if they aren’t malware.

look at virustotal.com to make sure they aren’t any malware.