Excluded File Failed Integrity Check! ?????

I have deleted mIRC yet every time I boot my computer CPF gives me an Alert! saying The file: C:\PROGRAM FILES\MIRC\MIRC.EXE have changed??? Huh??? I guess so… the mIRC application no longer lives on my system. How do I get this CPF Alert! message from coming up each time I boot???

Thanks for your time.


Hi JamesKB

Go to Defense+, advanced, computer security policy, and check to see if Mirc.exe is still in the list. Then if it is click on the purge button on the right. If mirc is no longer on your system then it will take it off of the list. If it is in the list and is not purged off then there is still some traces of the program still on your computer. You should then make sure that the folder for Mirc is gone and then do a registry clean with a good cleaner.

Do you have Comodo BoClean or any other security applications on your computer that would have put Mirc in an exclude list. If so you may have to clean out that application’s exclude list. If this still does not help see if you can find out what program is producing the alert, and let us know. I’m sure we can get it working for you.