Excluded DIR not scanned on "right click scan", Why??

Hi all there…

I have an issue which I find frustrating… I have excluded some directories of general monitoring in Antivirus options. But, some times I would like to scan some files inside these excluded dirs… When right clicking on something inside exluded dirs, scanning is finished just upon start, no files scanned. How can I achieve that files in excluded dirs are also scanned when I manualy “right click scan” some file in them? ???

Thanks in advance.

An exclusion is an exclusion. Any file on the exclusions list will not be scanned by the AV, whether this is the real-time scanning engine or the manual scan.

Exclusion is not total exclusion for everyone.

Example: (Other products) are making a difference in excluding files for scan or guard seperately.

For that its often necessary to make exclusions in comodo, it should especially be seperated like that.

Then that would be something to be requested in Wishlist - CIS.