Exclude Mapped (Network) Drive

I need to exclude a folder on my network from active scanning. I excluded the mapped drive as G:* and also the unc path \server\share* but the files are still scanned. When I add the test file to exclusions through the Comodo alert it shows up in the antivirus exclusions list as:


I am using Comodo Antivirus ver. 5.12

What are my options to exclude the entire folder?

By design, it is impossible to exclude external resources from being scanned. Just as it is not possible to trust files from external media.

Egemen has said it was possible with the newer architecture of CIS that recognizes files by their Hash, to trust external files, but I don’t know if this functionality exists yet in the 6.x versions of CIS. I don’t use version 6.x, so I can’t test this. Perhaps someone that does could try it?