Exclude jpg files in specific folders on scheduled scan


Is it possible to exclude all jpg files in specific folders from being included in the scheduled AV scan? But still retain protection when opened on demand?

My scheduled scan takes forever as it scans through image folders.

Thank you

It’s not possible to define two sets of exclusions like you are asking. The only solution that I see is to manually change the exclusion when running the scheduled scan.

Hi katykaty and Eric,
I do have a not so elegant workaround.

  1. Create a new folder in the root of your HDD.
  2. Place all your .jpg files in the new folder.
  3. Create a new scan profile and manually add every folder from the root except your newly created folder.
  4. Disable the schedule scan for full system scan (Default profile).
  5. Enable a schedule scan for your new scan profile.

Note 1: You may want to add the ‘Commonly Infected areas’ and ‘Memory’ regions to the custom scan profile.
Create, Schedule and Run a Custom Scan
Note 2: This workaround custom scan will exclude some hidden system folders, files, registry etc that would be included in a full system scan.

A bit fiddly, but as far as I can tell this would work quite well once it is created.
Create, Schedule and Run a Custom Scan

Good luck and kind regards.
Edit: Added notes.

Thank you for replying, though that isn’t really a solution at all :frowning:

I’ll try Avira - that appears to allow separate exception rules for the system scan and the realtime protection.

Hi katykaty,
I agree, my idea was a bit of a dirty workaround.
Separate exception rules maybe something for the wishlist. :slight_smile: