Exclude from scan not working


A file I have set to be excluded from on demand and on access scanning is continually detected and quarantined.

I’ve downloaded, installed and configured Comodo UserAnywhere. When I attempt to run the app, it downloads the client files and CAV detects uahook.dll as a virus and quarantines it, which causes uahost.exe to fail. I then restored it from quarantine, went into SETTINGS in CAV and excluded it from on access and on demand scanning.

When I attempted to run CUA again, it was again quarantined.

Ya gotta laugh! :smiley:

Ewen :slight_smile:

This makes me suggest a thing:

I believe that Comodo should not auto-quarantine the detected files. It should have at least another option in the interface of the on access detection warning–> “Ignore detection”.

By now, its not causing any big trouble the F.P., but if a windows system file gets detected, and gets quarantined, it could cause serious problems to windows… Its very dangerous to auto quarantine a file.

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It’s also very funny that one Comodo product quarantines part of another Comodo product. The fact that UserAnywhere is an alpha release excuses it, though.

Have you tried UserAnywhere? It’s not too bad!

Ewen :slight_smile:


Its makes me remember the time that Avast found a malware in one of his own files… hehhe

I never used this program that you mentioned “user anywhere”… Its something like pc anywhere from $ymantec (the evil itself)? =-P

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