Exclude Folder problem

I’m using CIS 7.0.317799.4142

I have batch-files which create large files in a subdir in in the Windows Temp-directory. Because of the way these files are created (echo in for-loop) they take hours (instead of minutes) to complete when Comodo Antivirus is enabled (stateful). When I disable Antivirus this doesn’t happen anymore.

Reason why I added that subdir as an excluded path (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\subdir_temp*) in the exclusions. I don’t know why, but this doesn’t help at all.

Any ideas ?

Did you add the path under Excluded Paths?

Yes, that’s what I wrote in my OP too.

Just double checking. Windows also has a temp folder under x:\Windows\Temp. Are you certain the files are created in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\ ?

To check further. Can you confirm that cavwp.exe is consuming a lot of CPU cycles? We may be looking at a bug so I am trying to cover bases.

Sorry for the delay. I just couldn’t find any spare time to do some testing again.

It’s 100% sure, the C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\ is used. I see the files been created.
And during that, cavwp.exe is indeed the (high) top-consumer of CPU-cycles.

Can you double check you made the exclusion under Excluded Applications? When made under Excluded Paths the resident shield will still scan the folder.

You may need to edit the path under Exluded Applications. It by default excepts files but you can edit it and then use a wild card to make it exclude a folder if I recall correctly.


As I confirmed earlier, it’s specified under Excluded Paths, IMHO where it belongs as I want to exclude a folder, not the activity of an application.

The help Exclude Files / Applications to Scan, PC Antivirus | Internet Security v7.0 shows

`The Exclusions panel has two tabs:

[b]Excluded Paths[/b] - Displays a list of paths/folders/files in your computer, which are excluded from both real-time and on-demand antivirus scans. Refer to the section Excluding Drives/Folders/Files from all types of scans for more details on adding and removing exclusion items in this interface.

[b]Excluded Applications[/b] - Displays a list of programs/applications in your computer, which are excluded from real-time antivirus scans. The items are included on clicking 'Ignore' from the Scan Results window of various scans and Antivirus Alerts or manually. Please note that these items are excluded only on real-time sans but will be scanned on running on-demand scans Refer to the section Excluding Programs/Applications from real-time scans more details on manually adding and removing exclusion items in this interface.


You can exclude a folder under Excluded Application by adding a file in the desired folder and then edit the path. It’s a workaround but it does the trick.

See attached image.

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