Exclude checkbox does not work (v3.0.14.276 X32)

The exclude checkbox in the destination port in the network rule dialog (Application rules) is not working.
Comodo Windows XP SP2 32-bits NOD32 3.0.556.0 (Trial)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Exclude + A set of ports works as expected, but exclude doen’t have any effect when a single port or a port range is selected.

Can’t tell from here, but since the Application rules (Network Security Policy>Application Rules tab) are applied first on outbound connections, perhaps your rule as shown in the screenshot are for the Global Rules section and the rule for ekrn.exe are applied first allowing the connection? I can’t tell whether the rule shown is a Global rule or for ekrn.exe by looking at it, but that’s my guess.

No, it’s an application rule