Excessive PC Startup Time & Proper Method for "Clean" Uninstall

I just downloaded and installed Comodo3 Firewall on one of my PC’s for the 1st time. After the initial installation (I think that I used mainly the default options during installation.) it took about 25 minutes for the PC to boot up. I approved any prompts for programs to run.

I decided to disable Defense+ and restarted but the time for Comodo to show up in the tray was several minutes after all of the other programs finished loading. I would like to uninstall Comodo3, restart and try installing without the Defense+ feature but I am worried about the proper was to do a clean uninstall. What is the proper procedure for doing a Clean uninstall?

Thank you.

you could uninstall throught start menu and Comodo, or with the add or remove programs feature, and always restart after an uninstall (usually would be prompted to anyways) i usually run a re cleaner after uninstalling any program just to make sure all the “junk” is out.

I made the changes in Items 1 & 2 of “Topic: ATTN : CFP 3.0 Temporary Fixes”, restarted and the PC stopped for at least 10 minutes after the login page and all that was showing in the tray was my Windows Network Activity icon. The PC was almost non-functional (Took excessive times to access menus, etc.). I restarted in Safe Mode and performed a System Restore and everything is OK now.

I am somewhat concerned about installing Comodo3 on the PC again because of this bad experience. Should I wait a few weeks (for bug resolution) and then maybe install it without the Defense+ feature? For my any future installations what is the best way to go with options?

I mainly want something to show a log what files access the internet.

Thank you.

some people are opting to wait a bit to see if improvements are made, thats totally up to you :■■■■