Excessive CPU usage with CPF and P2P [SOLVED]

Hi, I use CPF with XP SP2. I have searched the forums, but cannot find a handle for this problem.

When my P2P application (eMule) creates several hundred parallel connections, CPF starts climbing in its CPU usage from 20% up to 80% - later on cmdagent.exe starts climbing in its CPU usage as well, and then the two seem to alternate in this peak consumption.

If I restart CPF the problem returns after some time.

Any suggestion?

Thanks to all for your help

Try turning some options off, like DLL Injections: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2648.msg20768.html#msg20768

Thanks for the suggestion, so far it seems to be doing the trick - i’ll monitor it further and post a follow-up.

Part of my problem concerning those options, is that I don’t really understand them apart from the short explanation given for each one, so I can’t evaluate pro and cons.


soyabeaner, thanks for your suggestion. After testing it for a few days I can confirm it solved the issue!