Excessive Alerts

I’m new to Comodo, so please forgive me if this question sounds ignorant.

When I reformatted my hard disk, and reinstalled Vista Home Premium, I decided to load the latest version of Comodo (3.0.21) since I had read many favorable reports on how well it performs. That was 5 days ago.

I expected it to tell me when something was going on, but, it’s almost got to the point of total ridiculousness how excessive these warning alerts are. (And trust me, I’m in my mid-50’s and only use the computer for the basics like Word Processing, Email and web searching.) It seems like every action I take on this computer since installing Comodo require 5 or more “approvals” by me before anything happens. Isn’t that kind of excessive ?

I suppose I have something turned on that I shouldn’t ?? But with all the options available in the configuration setup, I’m afraid I don’t have enough life span remaining to try them all out to see which one needs to be shut off to make Comodo less annoying.

I certainly would appreciate any help you can provide me. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong, but, I can’t place my finger on it.

Thank You.

Joe Ashe

What alerts are you seeing? Are they firewall or D+. Comodo 3.0 is more then a firewall it is also a HIPS program. With Comodo you will get an alert for something when it tries to connect and another alert for actions. You can simply put the firewall and D+ in training mode for a week or so then put them back to where they were. Also take the time and read the help file system. There is alot of info in there to make you more familiar with Comodo.

Thank You Vettetech for taking the time to help me with this frustrating issue.

Yes, I did “attempt” to read the Help File systems prior to posting this question. I also did a “search” to see if someone else might have experienced the same thing I did.

In regards to the Help Files, (honestly), I couldn’t really understand what situation applied to my predicament. Hence, the reason for my posting.

Any how, the alerts primarily come up when I attempt to execute a program on my hard disk. (Like Microsoft Publisher 2007). Again, I can’t really “translate” what these pop-up alerts precisely mean, except to say often it ends with some sort of *.dll file. It’s almost as if each and every time some program tries to write ANYTHING to the hard drive, Comodo Firewall “kicks into action”. That’s what makes it so annoying to me.

At this point, I really don’t know what you mean by “HIPS” Program or “D+”, but, it at least gives me a starting point of where to look. So, that’s what I’ll dig into. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. I sincerely appreciate your patience with me.

If you go onto the main page you will see what HIPS is. If you put Comodo D+ in training mode for a week that will help with the alerts. The alert make you aware that Comodo is working. Give it time to learn all your programs. Use training mode for a week the put it back to where you had it. Fireball’s in train with safe mode.

Hi ashejoe,

Something which may help you with regards to the pop ups.When you get an alert from an application,if you have read the alert,know its ok(ie relating to the program being used) then make sure you tick the box which says “Remember my Answer”.This way Defence+ knows it has allready asked that question and therefore will not ask you again.
You will soon see next to no pop ups unless doing something differant

Hope this helps,


Alternatively, if you are sure your PC is currently clean (no spyware etc), you could put it in cleanPC mode and it will I believe trust everything installed from before you put it in that mode. So new apps will still prompt until you create rules for them by saying “remember” this answer in the dialog.