Excessive Alerts (Even on Previously Allowed Programs)

I appear to have a problem again.

This afternoon I reinstalled my printer software, it took me 150 clicks or more on warning pop ups and 45 minutes to install, I stopped counting at 150 clicks.

Comodo was in installation mode, Defence + was in safe mode, Network defence was in safe mode, the remember my answer was ticked.

This evening I attempted a back using Acer backup which came with my PC and has always worked fine in the past.

Acer back up and Machinebackup exe are in my trusted applications.

Comodo kept giving me pop up warnings that machine backup was accessing various parts of my PC, well of course it was, it was backing the PC up.

The problem was, Acer backup disables mouse clicks and the keyboard while backing up, this meant I couldn’t click any pop ups.

After 15 minutes with the progress bar still at 0% I had to pull the plug on my PC risking data loss.

Also even though I haven’t installed any thing since 08 April when I re installed Comodo, I’ve still been getting pop ups for programs that I’ve previously allowed.

I’m not sure why all this happening, maybe some one can shed some light.

Hi Springerrob,
When installing new stuff sometimes it helps if you switch D+ to “Training Mode” as well as putting it in “Installation”

Im not saying this will solve your problems it seems your D+ settings arent taking.You don`t use any registry cleaning programs do you(not ccleaner) as i know myself that these can sometimes wipe out rules made by D+.Regseeker for example.


Before I install anything I open up Comodo and switch it to install mode via the main GUI. Then I close it out and run my installer. No pop ups or anything till the installer is done. Works all the time. I just installed Trackmania Nations Forever which is a 500 MB+ file and it worked great.

Hi Vettech.

That’s what I don’t understand, I don’t use a reg cleaner tool, other then when I’ve un installed Comodo last time using Revo.

Sorry I should have said I also had Comodo in training mode and installation mode during the install.

It’s weird that my D+ settings aren’t taking, and really infuriating. (:AGY)