Excess Outgoing Connections & Outgoing System Connections

I’ve been using Comodo for a few years. Basic user. I like paranoid mode.

I’ve been doing the same things for quite awhile and I know what I can and can’t allow, usually.

My problem is this… Recently, I’ve noticed when I use the internet ( Mozilla Firefox v3.6.8 ive always used mozilla) that i’m not getting just a few outgoing connections for one site… but like 36-70 outgoing udp connections. I am not very knowledgeable but I know that this was not happening before. I am new to cable internet. I was a DSL user before… but still… over 30 outgoing connections? most of these only list 62 bytes in and out. and most of these are listed very similar…
for example: ##.###.##.##:2254 with the same ip but the last number keeps going forever sometimes up until ##.###.##.##:2299
just for refreshing a page of yahoo mail. seems a bit overkill on outgoing udp. i mean… shouldn’t there be more incoming than outgoing? i usually don’t see that many outgoing. i feel like my firewall is being molested.
please halp me.

and also, i’ve noticed system likes to try to connect to the internet, but it’s not necessary for a working connection. I allow svchost and that’s about it. WHY does system persist in trying to connect? it’s not necessary.

Going by your description, you have recently upgraded to the latest CIS release. This new version will also look up unknown files and objects in the “cloud”. These are the incrementally numbered connections you are seeing. These will diminish rapidly after the first week or so.

Ewen :slight_smile:

you know… i did just recently get the new CIS.

Lol. Okay. Thank you. ~Justin