Dear Comodo,
I am a software developer so I compile many times an executable, but often the old executable cannot be deleted because (I think) Defense/Sandox protection.
I suppose CIS send executables to you!
Please is there any way to make exceptions?

Hi, I’m not a specialist and I don’t use the sandbox (because I use an older version of comodo)
however here is my opinion

if ‘your_prog_under_dev.exe’ cannot be deleted/modified, it’s because it is protected (either being in the protected file list, possibly through a wildcard, or because it appears anywhere in the hips/firewall rules…)

if ‘prog_under_dev.exe’ is often deleted/modified by ‘compiler.exe’, then create a rule for ‘compiler.exe’ in the Computer Security Policy :
‘compiler.exe’ >> access rights >> protected files/folders >> allowed files/folders >>
OR ‘c:\prog_under_dev_folder*.exe’
OR ‘c:\prog_under_dev_folder*’
(no quotes needed)

Be sure ‘compiler.exe’ is not sandboxed (make it trusted and/or never to be sandboxed) otherwise it might be unable to delete/modify ‘prog_under_dev.exe’

If your question is about having a often changing program never to be sandboxed I don’t know…
For the cloud file checking (uploading to Comodo each new executable) I don’t use it but it should be possible to disable it (at least globally)

Hi, I resolved by disabling Sandbox when I compile new executables.
There are rules for safe exe, but often Comodo block that exe.
Thank you very much