Exceptions dont work in Protection Settings of D+ (v3.0.16.295 x32) [RESOLVED]

CPU X86, Windows XP SP2 x32
No actively-running security and utility applications except CFP v3.0.16.295.
Default settings of F+ (custom policy mode) and D+ (train w/safe mode).

Choose any app in computer security policy → edit → protection settings.

Set any switch (e. g. process terminations) to “yes”. Add any exceptions by clicking “modify” (e. g. windows system applications group).

Apply everywhere. Exceptions are not remembered and not applied.

In other words, protection works without any chance to add exceptions.

This is being discussed here too. The more the merrier :slight_smile:


I can verify that this also happens for me with v3.0.16.295 on x32 XP SP2. This was not a problem in v3.0.14.276. I’ll be sticking with v3.0.14.276 until this is fixed.

Same problem here :frowning:

anything here? :THNK

I’m also experiencing this problem.

Bug was fixed in 3.0.17.