Exception Violation

Yesterday I had a problem as I could not open Dragon in a virtual mode. Got some help here that solved that issue but since then, I am still able to open in a virtual mode but I get a Windows pop up about an exception violation and I have no idea what all that means. I am posting a [/img]screen shot.

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Hi Philbo,
Do you have sticky password or any other password managers installed?
If yes, please try re-installing your password manager program.

Kind regards.

I do have Sticky installed but it is locked and not active. Does that make any difference?

Hi Philbo,
I am not to sure, it is just that the file involved with the error has a high percentage rating to be associated with sticky password.
I just thought it may have become corrupt for some reason, or involved with the error somehow.

Edit: It looks like the password manager may also cause issues with IE and Firefox on Win 7 64-bit, maybe the issue is related. :-
Problems connecting to web via IE9 from initial Firefox connect-Windows 7 Forums

I’ll re-install and see what happens