Exception Breakpoint

having all sorts of issues with CID

OS…W7 Ultimate with SP 1 , 64 bit…directly supplied by Microsoft

security…Bitdefender 2018, windows defender is also in the windows 7 program

if i knew how the problem was produced i wouldnt be making this report
refer to thread for all information i have, i have tried everything i know to try resolve this over a 3 +year period and it doesnt matter what version of CID it is it does it, as far as i can see the problem has to be in CID somewhere and something to do with a plugin


cheers ozz

Tbank you for reporting this issue. Could you attach the crash dump of the crash of plugin-container.exe? That will greatly help Comodo to solve the problem. Crash dumps are typically stored in \Users%username%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps.

To access the AppData folders you need to make sure to show hidden files and folders in Explorer.

I would try uninstalling bitdefender, note not just disabling it, I have a feeling bitdefender is injecting its hooks into CID incorrectly. Reboot after install and see if you still get the issue.

hi futuretech and thx for the input, man this issue was well b4 i had bitdefender, and thats only been in the last year ive had bitdefender, ive had avast free and paid, avg, free and paid, same with bitdefender, this issue has been form start and thats 3 yrs ive been dealing with this exception breakpoint issue, im no smarty but im no dummy either, the problem is in CID somewhere, i dunno what it is but its been there for so long , otherwise why would so many complain about the same thing ???

and bitdefender has never alerted me of any issue. 1 would think if there was a problem with cid bitdefender would alert me …fair comment ??

how do you mean incorrectly ?

Ozzieo. Could you please attach a crash dump? That will give Comodo opportunity to look deeply into the problem and find the cause.

eric i dont know how to do that mate or i would :slight_smile:

The forum software does not accept .dmp files to be attached. You need to zip the .dmp first in order to be able to attach it.

How to attach a file to a post?

At the forum push the reply button. Or when using the Quick reply type some text and push the preview button.

Underneath the text box click on Additional options. Push the Choose button and navigate to the file and select it. When you want to post more files click on the more attachments link.

When done typing push the Post or Preview button. With the preview you won’t see the attached file. Only when you post your reply to the forum the file will be and show up as attached.

i know how to post whatever on here, i dont know how to do the crash dump thing, if i did it wouldve been done long ago

This should help you:

https://support.asperasoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/216127158-How-to-create-a-crash-dump-in-Windows . . . with a link in the first para to creating core dump files

Is there a crash dump stored in the \Users%username%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps folder?

To access the AppData folders you need to make sure to show hidden files and folders in Explorer.

thx ploget and eric, but its just too hard for me, ive been trying to do it and find it, ill have to get pete to do it, all i can find is this

In what folder did you find it?

in the c drive , is that it ??

I meant can you give the path where you found that file? Is it the path provided by me (c:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps) or the path from the tutorial ploget linked to (C:\Users\Documents\AppData?\Local\Temp\procname.DMP)?

i tried what ploget said, i went there but honestly it doesnt tell you where it is, so i went to the cdrive and saw a bdlog file and thought that was it, this is really strting to get me frustrated coz i dunno what to do or where to look, if the gump file is in " somewhere like" how do i do i know where somewhere like is gunna be and how and where do i find the build number< look i appreciate the help and patience but i only know how to do so much, i got to do the crashdump of icedragon then went to users and clicked on appdata and could only find an iconcache file there

Task Manager will create a dump file somewhere like C:\Users\Documents\AppData?\Local\Temp\procname.DMP. Send this file to Aspera Support.

  1. NOTE WHAT VERSION OF THE EXECUTABLE you just dumped. Developers need to know the build number to interpret the dump correctly, but this information is not contained in the dump.

i dont know what to look for in the processes tab in task manager to select to crashdump, i just picked the biggest icedragon process file i could see

i just found a temp file but i dunno if thats it or not

You need to get the crashdump from plugin-containter.exe. Plugin-container.exe needs to be running so you need to visit a website that uses a plugin that triggers CID to start plugin-container.exe.

well how do i know what website does that eric ?, it does it so erratically, i could be looking at anything and it does it

A website running Flash Player should trigger CIS to run plugin-container.exe. Are there websites you regularly visit that use Flash Player?

like youtube right ?, and another thing, the browser and mouse still hangs, then itll come good, then itll hang again, im buggered if i know , but im committed to getting this solved once and for all
1 thing im sure of tho, the fault its in icedragon, how they havent found it and fixed itafter all these years of same and similar complaints has got me beat

Youtube will serve html5 player these days. It takes serious effort to get YouTube to serve the Flash based player. To see what player it serves click right on in the video and ask the properties.

When the browser and mouse hang do you see a message in the title bar or do the browser and mouse pointer just freeze? I have seen websites playing video where the mouse pointer would disappear when moving to then show up a bit later and at another place (because I moved the mouser). When the mouse pointer freeze can you move the mouse pointer to the task bar and open another program?

The problem with the mouse pointer and plugin-container may be two different issues.