Exactly how is this leak protection?

I selected firewall + leak protection on installation.

I just used Thunderbird and closed my main browser.
I then clicked a link in Thunderbird which launched my browser. It allowed that and learnt the action of Thunderbird launching the browser. Exactly how was this protecting me should thunderbird have been a malicious program?

To be fair since I allowed thunderbird access, I went to command prompt and did

"c:\program files\mozilla.org\seamonkey\seamonkey.exe" http://www.google.com/search?q=information

With absolutely no input from and command prompt having no allowed access, seamonkey was launched and a google search for information was shown.

It’s missing parent application checks still? How is that protecting me from any leaks at all?

What mode are you in? If you start out in Training, CleanPC, Train with Safe Mode you have told CFP3 that your currently installed applications are OK, and either CFP3 should learn them, or check the safe list and then learn them.

I installed with the default options for Firewall + Leakprotection.
What ever the defaults were was what I was using (except I changed the firewall part to custom so it would ask me, I didn’t bother with defense+)
You might say that it provides leak protection, but if you’re on that mode, I can make a simple batch file which can read some files and send them to my site using a browser, but since it’s cmd.exe that runs batch files, it’ll get through since cmd.exe was already present.

All I’m looking for is basically the same level of protection offered by 2.4. (Which once again, I’ve gone back to using)

In 2.4 even if I have 2 approved applications, I still have to give one permission to access the net if it was launched by the other.

Your batch file should cause a popup asking whether you want to allow it. If not; submit a bug report. CFP3 is not an extension of CFP2.4 for Vista, it is a new architecture. If both the parent and child are present at installation, and you select a mode saying to learn the relationship, CFP3 should follow your orders.