ex gf in same class

im trying to make things right again just by being friends but today i walked up to her and said “hi” i tried to start a conversation cause my cat had 3 kittens and she didnt even try to talk to me so i just left to my class very upset and sad

she is in my 2nd period worst of all and today i waved at her and she waved but she didnt even smile or saying anything and right then and there i gave up on trying to talk to her or try to be friends with her

she told me awhile back she wants to be friends but i guess this is her way of “being friends” making me cry and hurt me she also ignores my texts

im never mean to her i never was when we were dating its been really bad these past few days cause i would just cry whenever i think about it

Hi crowruin,
Be careful not to get paranoid and read into things that are not really happening.
This is very easy to do while you are in grieving or vulnerable part of your life.

Distant friends are way better than close enemies.
Keep your chin up and look to the future.

Plenty more fish in the sea and time will show this.

All the best for the future. :slight_smile: