evidence.boc is it safe AVG says NO

AVG keeps telling me evidence.boc is infected with trojan horse generic11.tsg Does any know if this is a false positive and what is the file anyway? Is it needed or can I delete it?


From Comodo BOClean website page.
The second item on the left side is “Keep copy of trojan as evidence” and allows you to retain a copy of the most recently detected malware, safely disconnected from being operable, for further examination and study. The evidence copy will be named as “evidence.boc” and will be saved to your “My documents” folder or whatever location is specified for the report of malware activity and capture. If you choose to keep the evidence, please move it off your machine and onto a floppy as soon as you can to keep it from being renamed and used to reinfect your machine. It is also possible that another security program might detect it and cause undue panic. This is the reason why we default this to “off” in BOClean.