EVGA Precision is NOT dangerous

So. I just purchased your security suite 2012 and of COURSE you decided that EVGA precision (a piece of software from Nvidia, that allows you to adjust clock speeds on your Nvidia product) is listed as unsafe and because it is listed as unsafe, you won’t activate your software product guarantee.

However what you don’t realize is, this is a product FROM Nvidia that allows you to operate your Nvidia products at their full abilities, not their factory LIMITED abilities. You list it as unsafe, when it isn’t. The product is unable to “overclock” any of Nvidia’s products to an unsafe level. All it does do is allow you to clock your hardware to what it is actually capable of doing, -vs- what they allow for a margin of error.

As such, because of this ridiculous limitation on your software’s guarantee I will be uninstalling Comodo internet suite, and not using your product again. I will also be instructing my Bank to perform a charge back in dispute of the charge for this product.

If I accept the risk to my machine from using a piece of software that allows me full control over my video cards functions that was MADE BY THE VIDEO CARDS MANUFACTURER, and run my video card to it’s full capacity… how in the hell do you think I would hold you responsible for a problem with my video card, when it isn’t related to your software in any way shape or fucking form?

Are you people that fucking stupid and ■■■■?

Nuff said. I’m uninstalling your product and contesting the charge with my bank, and I’ll go looking for another firewall from someone else.

You lost a customer with this, and when I find another product that suits me, I’ll recommend it to my friends, much like I have done with YOUR product for the last 5 years.

Signed: A seriously unhappy customer.

Wow! :o
Abandoning the product because of one false positive! :-TD
Was it really hard to add this file to the exclusions? 88)
Why don’t you use free Premium version? ???

I added it to the exclusions not once but three times, now on the third scan of my system and again EVGA precision comes up as malware.

yeah not happy with the product. I have been a staunch advocate of Comodo Personal Firewall for 5 years and have recommended it to my friends repeatedly. But when a company tells me they won’t activate their product software guarantee because I am running a program made by a product manufacturer (NVidia) whose product I have installed in my computer and have USED for 5 years w/o having a single problem with it… over 3 different video cards… yeah I have a problem with that.


p.s. I have upgraded my system several times over 5 years. Thus three different video cards, three different motherboards, three different hard drives, three different power supplies, 9 different sticks of ram, and 2 computer cases.

Have you reported this FP to Comodo?
They are usually quick when it comes to fixing it.
Maybe you could turn off AV module for a day or two and switch D+ to Clean PC mode…

I actually spoke to a Customer service rep via their chat software, their response “it’s overclocking software” and thus the program won’t be authorized and we won’t activate the guarantee.

However, it is NOT overclocking software in actuality. NVidia themselves state clearly that EVGA precision does nothing more than allow you to operate their hardware at it’s actual capabilities -vs- the factory limited capabilities (that they arbitrarily impose on the product because most people never NEED their hardware to operate at it’s full potential).


p.s. And yes, I did flag the program as a FP.


Actually I have just downloaded and installed this software with no problems.
Check out Valkyrie and VirusTotal results…there are no detections from Comodo.


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I get flagged on EVGA_Precision_Setup_210.exe|EVTune.exe

Says it is a suspicious file.

I’ll download 212 version and install it and see if there is any difference.

Please, let us know about result…

EDIT: OK, I have found this older version 2.1.0.
CIS detects EVTune.exe as you said it…looks like FP to me…


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Sorry for the inconvenience.This file is confirmed as False Positive.It will be fixed in next few updates.

Thanks & Regards,


This is to inform you that false-positive with EVTune.exe (SHA1: cad81fd228f945a06a197c3085ea27d2ce3d5cfd) has been fixed. You can update to AV database Version 11408 of Comodo Internet Security Version 5.9.221665.2197 and confirm it.

Best regards,