everything uses trillians events.dll

Trillian is a chat replacement all in 1 for most chat programs like yahoo and msn.

For some reason the events.dll in the trillian folder has been registered in such a way that almost any application I open tries to access it.

For example, I just opened wordpad and it sat there a while then said

"wordpad.exe is a safe application. It is about to create a new file/folder \device\harddiskdmvolumes.…\trillian\events.dll. This usually happens when you install or update an application, or when downloading a file from the internet or copy a file from another source. If you are not performing any of these operations, you may consider blocking this request.

When I block the application from accessing events.dll, it works fine.

How can I get rid of this trillian hook?

There is no problem here, except being pestered by Comodo.

Also, be sure to test Comodo with GRC leaktest GRC | LeakTest -- Personal Firewall Scoreboard