Everything denied

Yesterday i had a strange problem which i think(?) was caused by comodo.
I installed windows vista home premium 32b Portuguese. After that i updated my os from microsoft.
Since it was a new windows there were no traces of old security programs and of course no other security program installed that could cause conflict (except windows defender, that comes with vista, and it’s firewall).

With UAC disable and running installation as a admin i installed comodo without any problems.
Rebooted and after a few minutes i completely lost control of my windows.
I was denied everything, not even a reboot, or a restore.
I couldn’t even open notepad…
So i force shutdown, restart, but the problem continued.
Another forced shutdown, reboot, safe mode, removed comodo, restarted and now everything is ok.

What happened? :slight_smile:

Thanks you

Hi slowdrive,welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you blocked a pop up(with remember my answer) probably explorer.exe
If you decide to re-install if you are not sure about a pop up make sure that “remember my answer” is not ticked.This way Defence+ will not learn it.
A good idea on installation is to put Defence+ in “Training” mode for a couple of days(assuming your pc is clean) and then to run your most common programs once to allow D+ to learn the behaviour.
Best not to download anything during this period,then after a couple of days swith to Safe/Clean mode.


Thanks for the fast reply.
I didn’t have time to block anything, it just happened a few moments after i installed comodo.
After reboot i installed CCleaner (allowed), configure windows media player (allowed) and after that i was denied everything.
I’m no expert, but i use firewalls for many years (ZA, Sygate, Comodo…) so i already know windows processes and would never block explorer.exe. But i uderstand your advice, you can’t guess if i’m “new” to firewalls or not :slight_smile:
I’ll try again.
Thanks for your help.

When you got a D+ alert for CCleaner or any other program the first alert should have been “explorer.exe try to run CCleaner”. Something like that. Are you 100% sure you click allow or trusted and didn’t click isolated or blocked. 99% of the time when this happens the user blocked explorer.exe when the should have aloud it. Comodo 3.0 is more then a firewall. It is also a HIPS program. Zone and Sygate are not HIPS firewalls.