Everything being blocked in proactive even after running in training mode

I have installed CIS v3.5.57173.439 (minus virus app) on my Vista 64 had it in learning mode for 1 hour running about all my apps I use with no issues. Set protection to safe mode on both firewall and Defense level and had Comodo set to Firewall Security ran for 4 hours no issues and all my apps worked and connected to the internet if need.

Set to proactive now and nothing works as far as running apps or even turning computer off. Everything is blocked by the proactive defense even though everything was ran prior in training mode. I even put my foxfire as a trusted app and a trusted vender and it still cannot start up. Every application give the windows pop up message of not have permissions but no pop up message from Comodo to select or deny anything. Now I do get erratic popups about some apps being learned but this appears to be the ones that start up with windows and not ones I manually start up.

I thought training mode would well allow it to train to what connects and what apps are used but I guess in proactive mode everything is denied? Any ideas I guess this is operator brain fart some where but where? Thanks

I am afraid when you change the Configuration to Proactive Security you lost all rules you had made, you can change modes without losing rules but not Configurations.

OK thanks, so how to get them to get set in proactive as I have tried putting it in training mode while in proactive but have same results and no popups to set them…thanks

Well I had to uninstall it as I set it to proactive and left firewall and defense in training mode rebooted and everything was blocked again even Comodo icon was not showing on the taskbar where the running apps should be and clicking on the icon shortcut on desk top was of no use since it was being blocked also. Checked task manger and comodo was running just hidden I guess. Waited 10 minutes just in case it would show up and allow me to turn proactive off but guess it was MIA… So back on Vista firewall running it with Sphinx will try Comodo again later when I can figure out WTH happen…thanks

Sorry you had to uninstall.
I missed your OS in the first post it tends to be upset quite easily in Vista definitely not as stable as on XP.

I have had problems on my Vista desktop in the past and avoid proactive security as this ticks the box to monitor for Windows messages this has caused reboots etc in Paranoid Mode.

I have a question about the proactive and training mode. If set to proactive, firewall and defense set to training it should “train itself to my apps” correct? I’m trying to figure out what happened and why or if there is just quirks on the proactive and Vista 64.Everything seems to work or was working fine on it except for the proactive. thanks

Yes it should have especially this new version as it has been changed to make it work better on Vista.
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