Every time system startup ever time a new wirless connection found...


I’m not sure if it is the right forum.
Anyway, every time at the system start up CIS says me that a new wireless connection was found and shows me a dialog to assign its name. After that all works fine. That happens on a Server 2003.
Previously on a XP prof. just the first time, after the CIS installation, this dialog was shown.
The pc hardware/modem router are the same, just a different partition for each operating system.
It’s not a problem for me, maybe I forgotten to insert something or other, I hope that could be useful for you.

– Roberto

Hello Robbio,

First i have to note that CIS is not Supported on w2k3 environment, it does install but
“use at your own risk” so to say… There can be “strange” things happening there…

For your problem, the fastest way to solve it is to check the “Do not automatically detect new networks”.
It will appear in the network alert if it finds a new one, or you can go to Misc, Settings, General, Automatic detection of private-networks.

You can also check if it’s a bug, if it alerts every time with the same ip address then there is something wrong.
If it alerts and you have a different ip address every time then it’s working like it’s supposed to.

Also make sure you click “OK” and don`t just close it, also it does it on 2 re-boots if i re-call, have a look in Firewall->My Network Zones and see if Local Area Network #1 is present