Every time I install Comodo it lags me..

I’ve tried to install Comodo since it’s my favorite free firewall twice now on my new computer with Vista 64 bit, and since I can’t find anything else worth while, I’d like to install it. But it lags me terribly after install, and it automatically cuts my internet connection, and this has happened twice and after uninstall my internet came back.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it something wrong with something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Vista … ?
Someone is having fun while exploring your computer?

Hard to say.

Please also tell what version of Comodo Firewall your using and Security Software installed pls.


My Stats:
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit Edition with SP1
Nvidia 9800 GT Graphics Card
6.00 GB’s of RAM
640 GB HD
Realtek HD Audio

I was using the latest version in 64 bit. My AV is Kaspersky 2009.

I seriously need some help guys. I tried to install Lavasoft and it’s not very good and it’s only a trial.

Kaspersky has an IDS (intrusion detection system) which is known to conflict with MOST security softwares, comodo firewall being one of them. however, I’ve heard that if defense+ is disabled it runs OK with KAV2009

Is that safe?