every time a restart after installation i get BSOD how do i solve it

i was trying to install


its a all gone pretty well. but when i restart my computer after the installation

i get this BSOD

few seconds after the windows

has came up.

im using WINDOWS 7 32 BIT

can anyone plz help me here

What does the BSOD tell? What is the error code (something like 0X0000008E) it reports and when present what file does it think is causing it? When the screen only shows for a split second follow Force Computer To Show Blue Screen Details to make it show next time it happens.

If you want to see the latest BSOD you had you can also use BlueScreen View from Nirsoft.

Do you have other security programs running in the background? Try disabling or uninstalling them in Safe Mode to see if they play a role.

i dont have any

other security program i mean. i had avast on my computer but i uninstalled him.

before i installed comodo

any way i dont think i can see my last BSOD
becuze everytime it happends i have to do system restore becuze it happens everytime i try to run my computer

Not sure what is going on. In case you want to give it another try you can also try to uninstall CIS in Safe Mode using this clean up tool.

tnx i might give it a try

any way i got a picture of the actual eror i get

when i restart after the installation


Is it each time this error with code 0XF4 (0XF4 is short for 0X000000F4)?

Does this error only occur when installing CIS? I did a little Google search but didn’t find anything very conclusive. It could be related to driver (installing CIS). Do you have other security programs running in the background? What happens when you disable them?

You may want to read Bug Check 0xF4 CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn and Troubleshooting Windows STOP Messages for general reference.

what do u know u were right.

i made another SYSTEM RESTORE and then used “YOUR UNINSTALLER” in order to delete my former antivirus and firewall

and then i installed comodo again and it work!!!

but now i have a nother problem.

how do i make him make a full scan of the system

[attachment deleted by admin]

if it was that obviud i woldent really ask :frowning:

the thing when i press “run a scan”

i get simple kinds of diffrent profiles but none of them its “full scan”

and the botton on the side is not alaways dare so what should i do in order to make

full scan

Ah, I see what you’re saying.

How’s this?

[attachment deleted by admin]

ok thanks.

and here is another problem witch i encouter when i ran a scan on my computer

he found 10 files infected

one of those files was a file that has a very high value to me.

so i tryed to fine another file like this on the internet

i downloaded thrugh torrents.

and then
there were two things happend

  1. the comodo send me a message that he dont recognize the file.

im telling him not isolate the file again

and try to move the file from the “unrecognized files”
to the “trusted files”

and for some reason when i press the file again in order to activate it

the only thing i get was a small DOS window

witch open for a second and then closed.

and nothing happend beyond that.
and this lik eeverytime i press on the file

for once instead of moving the file to the “trusted files”

i just pressed remove

in the “unrecognized files”

with in this case i got some eror massege (cant remember what it says)

and then the filed had being erased

the other thing that happend its that i downloaded the file

from a torrent (as i said before)

and after the download has complete i open the folder and

were the file shuld be. and the folder is empty.

i belive that the comodo might erased the file for some reason after the dowload.

any way my questions are:

  1. when the comodo give this massege that he dont recognize the file.

is this effect the way i can use the file. and if it is what should i do in order to use this file freely?

2.how do i make comodo stop erasing files after they download?

If you tell it not to isolate the file, the file will be added to your trusted files list. At this point, you will be able to use the file. It sounds like the file you downloaded from the torrent might have been malicious. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to follow the steps in this thread.

How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

Comodo doesn’t erase files unless you tell it to. The remove button on the various lists like the unrecognized list, or the trusted files list only removes that entry from the list. The file is still on your computer. If you get an AV alert and tell it to delete the file, it will ask if you’re sure you want to delete the file.

As to where the file went, do you by chance have the AV set to automatically quarantine detections? The file might have been quarantined. You can see if the file is in quarantine here. Antivirus → Quarantined Items.

ok it seemes like he quorantined that.

but when i predd restore i look for it when it was soppoust to be after i downloaded it and its not there

the folder is still empty.

any idears why

and what i do?

You could look to see if it was put in the sandbox folder. This is C:\VritualRoot, but this is a hidden directory, so you will need to change your folder options to view hidden files and folders.

If it isn’t in there, do a file search. Maybe you didn’t put it where you thought you did.

But seriously, if CIS is sandboxing and quarantining this file, you really need to make sure it’s safe. You should submit it to VirusTotal and Comodo Malware Analysis to have it checked out.

why. what the sandbox is about?

When an unknown file is encountered, CIS will put it in a sandbox so it has limited access to your system.

You can read more about it in the help file:
Integrated Sand boxing Technology, Untrusted Applications | Internet Security Help