Every techie needs this new tool!

Who you gonna call when you have a computer problem?

Yep… the most technical person in the family! You are the one who gets called everytime someone has a problem with their computer! You are the friends and family geek who troubleshoot and sometimes its so hard to fix a problem remotely your friends and family are shocked that you can’t pin point exactly why their PC is not booting up, or slowed down! I mean come on, they told you its not working, isn’t that enough for you to diagnose and fix remotely!!! :-X

Save my life, save my time, stop ringing me to fix your computer tool - Designed especially friends and family computer guys

Anyone who rings you, get them to install this tool on their PC. The icon will be on their desktop. Anytime they have a problem, they can simply click on the icon and an expert will be there to help them remotely, even fixing stuff remotely for them… and yep… you guessed it… it won’t be you :slight_smile: You are now FREEEEEEEEE!!!


PS: Guess where this new tool going onto pronto!: My parents’ computer, my Sister’s computer, My father in laws computer, my aunty’s computer and My Wife’s computer (cos I love her) :slight_smile: and yes also my best friend’s computer when he figures out how to turn it on :slight_smile:

You hit is on the nail. :slight_smile:

So will this “icon” thing help my grandma upload her spreadsheet somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL!!! (:LGH) (:LGH) (:LGH)


She can click on the icon and she will have an expert pop up and she can ask the expert to do whatever she likes on the computer…

Its an amazing service to be honest…

It will enable the majority of Computer users who can’t use computers fully. Its a huge enablement of masses!

This is how it works


sounds fantastic!! i would like to be left alone, i remember the time when every1 else’s problem was just that thier own problem. now somehow it’s my problem :-\

because you have the knowledge…

now you install this on their desktop and tell them to double click when they have any problem, voila!!


Melih is that you who invented such idea and kind of service?
My best wishes to the project :slight_smile:

Thanks SS26.

Every so many years, there is something that enables human race… early 1980s, IBM PC that enabled us to have access to computers cos they were made affordable…
Mortgages made house buying affordable… imagine if you had to pay cash for buying a house… not many people could afford it…
Leasing made it more affordable to get cars, machinery and so on…

Getting help for majority of the users for their computer is a real challange. Some of them use their computers less cos they are stuck, or computers do not operate optimally. Some of them buy new PCs cos they they think their PC has slowed down and they can’t use it anymore. Majority of the computer users are not considered to be tech savvy nor should they expected to be. Just like majority of people who drive cars can’t fix them, same holds true for Computers.

Now, what help can these people get? Friends and family… or go to local store and pay few hundred dollars to fix a problem… these are not scalable solutions that would enable this majority of users to truly benefit from what computers can offer them. They need a solution that is available to them 24/7/365 without leaving the comfort of their home, at a cost that is affordable.

Majority of these people pay for some sort of AV/protection solution at an average of $50 a year anyway. So what we are doing is merely replacing that cost with the cost of this service at $39 a year! Because our guys are experts at our own products, they will install CIS on your PC anyway. So you no longer have to pay $50 or so for your AV and the money you saved you get to buy a System Admin (good chunk of these guys are MS certified sys admins btw…) for a whole year available to help you at any time and even remotely fix any issue you may have!

So what these users spend is still the same, they get better security in my opinion because we use Default Deny Protection (DDP) and now they have access to something they never had before 24/7/365 top notch Sys admin to help them and answer any computer questions they might have, right at their desktop!


How precise your words are. Thank you for sharing your point of view.
The price $39/year surprised me not to say more once i made an effort to imagine how is that possible to employ best sys admins 24/7/365 and charge only $39/year…
So Melih, please let me know once you will write a book “How to manage organization” or so :slight_smile: Especially i’m interested in chapters like “Self-discipline and self-education” and “Organizing people to do impossible under appointed period” :slight_smile: I think experience of people like you is invaluable and can be used in many kinds of organizations (not only commercial businesses)…

This new service should make a lot of people happy.
Great idea, Melih.

its great to have people understand what we have accomplished… words like self-discipline and especially self-educations are mantras that is heard throughout the company…


oops…for some reason I thought this was totally free when I saw this:


Hmmm…I guess in about 30 days grandma will call and ask why her helpful “icon” isn’t working. :slight_smile:

Will the helpful icon expert (I just love calling this service the “icon” ;D) help me make a program (and teach me Java)? :stuck_out_tongue: Just wondering. 88)

Sorry…but I tried running that “tool” on a VM, and then asked the icon expert to upload a spreadsheet to a online, free service where some of my friends and I could it in real-time. He told me he that wasn’t the type of help he gives. :stuck_out_tongue: