Every morning when PC is boot, it says Firewall is not running

I have installed CPF for a few days now. All the necessary setting is good and I have no problem using CPF to detect and allow network access in and out.

But I have a strange problem that happens to both the PC I install CPF. Every morning I boot them up I have a warning saying “Firewall not running”. Before I could do something the alert from the task bar would disappear and after few second CPF icon comes on. I icon which appear for less then a second looks like a regulare MS Firewall icon (red color).

Is CPF booting up too slow? What is the causes?

I’m assuming that you’re running XP & that message is being generated by XPs Security Center.

If so (and this is a serious statement), ignore it.

IMHO XPs SC is really rubbish & it really doesn’t do you any good. Say, for instance, you were only running XPs Firewall. In this case the SC would say your Firewall is up running & that you’re safe! Unfortunately, you’re not safe. It is utter rubbish… I really don’t know how MS have the gall to actually call XPs Firewall a “Firewall”… unless it actually stops fires (?)… because all it does, is to give the uninformed user a false sense of security.

Dont worry about it. It does not detect until CPF signals it since CPF does so as a last thing.

kail, you are a little negative about SC.
But thanks, will turn off SC alert for Firewall.

BTW, SC did detect that Comodo is being use as a Firewall to protect the PC.

egemen, CPF should do this first instead of doing it last.

My wife using the PC tells me everyday that an alert saying “Firewall is no running” when CPF is actually running - this is quite annoying.

I hope future release can have it fix, else other pontential user may think that CPF is not working (if they did not happen to read this Forum).

Yes, sorry about that. :-[ I did prefix that paragraph with an IMHO (In My Humble Opinion). But, I do still find it really astonishing that MS let their users (us!) down in such a fashion. It especially annoys me, since it really only impacts new & uninformed users. The most vulnerable group. >:(

Let me guess, it states so during boot, and the message disappears when the pc is finished booting?

That is because the XP Securitycentre starts BEFORE the firewall get’s a chance to start up properly, and thus detects it as “not running”. This is called a “false alarm”.

If it reappears later on, then start to worry. Messages from XP sec-centre during boot are usually rubbish and false alarms.