Ever been Infected?

I’ve been a Comodo user since v2.4. I switched from Kerio Sunbelt Firewall v4, which I’d used for 2-3 years without any infections. Since I moved to Comodo, I’ve used v2.4, 3.1-3.4, 4.1(very briefly) and am thinking of moving upto v5, already have on my dad’s PC.

In all these years (2-3) I’ve never been infected. I am what you would consider an ultra-high risk surfer. :a0 I use CIS exclusively.

So my question to you use guys… In all the time you’ve used Comodo have you got hit? it doesn’t matter what variety, drive-by, usb, social engineering, friendly fire, fake av, anything… and by the way by hit, I mean actually infected, not a D+ popup or an AV alert.

Hey - if you have been infected, :o could you tell us what happened, would be interesting.

ps. I understand some might be using other products along with Comodo, but lets not make this complicated. Comodo would still have a role in the defense of the PC.

I don’t really visit dangerous websites. I used Avast as an AV, but I switch to Comodo AV with v5 (v3 update was borked, so I didn’t even know that v4 was out with sandbox and AV).
I received a few virus alert from Avast, but that’s it.

;D Hi Slangen. I have used Cis whole suite from its inception, and i have never been infected, even though i have tried so hard to do that in tests in shadow defender ect!, ;D.I now have the confidence to just use Cis on its own and not have anything running alongside it ie Threatfire, Prevx, ect.


Never.It’s almost impossible.:slight_smile: :comodorocks:

Of course, i can infect my PC for purpose, but if I use it like normal user does-then no.:slight_smile:

Used CIS suite with default settings on & off never got infected. In between used Zonealarm firewall free & Avast free never got infected


FW and D+ was always enough for me. Also Firefox + AdBlock and NoScript helps. :slight_smile:

Not once… Of course, some tried to break in, but nothing ever happened… Since most programs do work even sandboxed no problem, I mostly let CIS handle the pending list what to sandbox or not… :-TU

Happened once, a year or so ago, plugging a usb flashdrive coming back from an internet room (cis3, avira av; as far as i remember, avira reacted without cleaning, and cis firewall/d+ did not.)

In my case it was via USB Flash drive that was infected. my antivirus I was using could not detect it, and gave an impression , the flash was clean. However, CIS is still superior a security software, in overall protection even across the network.

However, CIS is still superior a security software, in overall protection even across the network.

Superior to what?
It failed, and still was?

Never in 4 years as a Comodo user. I ran scans with MBAM and Superantispyware but they never found anything.

Has comodo improved the detection of usb flash introduced virii? I see in common several posts (not just here, but in other forums threads), that many antivirus have problems detecting flash drives virii. How does the AV, Defense+, Sandobox, etc, come into play with this type of infections in CIS 5.0?

Been infected many time when using version 2 (AV Only). But not once since using version 3.5. I also install different free av for my second pc (MSE), wife netbook (avira), my laptop (avast5), and office pc (Kaspersky). All of them been infected at least 2-3 times. After install CIS4, none of them ever get infected again (except office pc still using Kaspersky :-[).

My story may sound exaggerate (especially to “certain group” of people) but it is true. ;D

Never with Comodo ;D

(I have been infected and that is how I became interested in antivirus software, but it was many years ago)

I voted never but the truth is that I have NEVER been infected since first coming on line in 1999. I first used McAfee’s AV and then switched to Norton in 2000. I was on dialup until 2004 and only used an AV with no firewall of any kind, not even a router. This was with W98SE. When I bought a new XP machine in late 2005, it came with Norton Internet Security which I kept and upgraded to the latest versions until June of 2009 when I decided to try CIS instead. I have never been infected or hacked and the number of times that attempts have been blocked by my security setup are less than 25 in all that time. I have taken part in every aspect of the net including instant messaging, P2P file sharing, occasional porn viewing, and extensive gaming.

Has comodo improved the detection of usb flash introduced virii?
in french, the plural of "virus" is "virus", in english, it is "viruses". In latin, in should be "vira" (neutral), "viri" being the plural for male gender. "virii" is a barbarism in every language.

Recent malwares have highlighted threats coming from external devices (mainly, but not only usb flashdrives).
They have reminded to everyone that autorun should always be disabled, and Microsoft has written a fix for the specific dll threat using this flaw.

As far as autorun.inf is concerned, no one should thus anymore, even if not protected from it by a security software, have an autorun.inf malware, but indeed every security software including cis now detects the dll thing.

This does not exclude, of course, malware propagation from usb devices (and more generally speaking from lan) by other means.
A further protection is to encrypt your usb device, protecting its data, but not keeping something to be written at its root if the whole device space is not encrypted and password protected.

Thank you, brucine, :P0l, sir, for the clarification, I won’t forget it. It is true that autorun should be disabled for external devices, like hard drives or cd drives. I don’t think this affects viruses (see?, I remembered it ;)) coming from usb devices.

A lot of regular users (including myself and my family) are not geek enough to take precautions as to encypt our pen drives, and you can’t do that with all of these devices coming from third party people (like other family members, clients, etc), which is why I posted my question in the first place.

Thanks again for your valid and informative opinion. Please accept my apologies again if I committed any other grammar mistakes (not sarcasm, I really I’m sorry).

I will not disable autorun for my CD/DVD drive. I find it very convenient and I want to keep it . I have never used a flash drive or an external hard drive as of this time.

Never. Software firewall and router with custom firmware only. I also use firefox 4 nightly builds with Noscript and custom ABE rules with some external filters.

I will not disable autorun for my CD/DVD drive
No problem with commercial cd, but you are of course at risk with "hand made" ones.